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Summit Leon Welcomes Devyn Scott

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Summit Leon is proud and delighted to welcome our first new team member, Devyn Scott. Devyn will be taking on the role of Animal Care Specialist and acting program coordinator for the next phase of our endeavors, a sustainable farm with eco-friendly and low cost building.

Summit Leon is embarking on a new program to showcase sustainable building practices that meet the needs of families in the growing Climate Crisis and Housing insecurities brought about by stagnant wages, rising rent costs, and housing insecurities. We are following the model of various groups who have come before, including receiving mentoring from Veterans Off Grid, and sustainable building experts, architect Mark Goldman, and other global leaders.

Devyn comes to us from Illinois with experience in animal care with an emphasis in enrichment. He also has an interest in botany and hydroponics and aquaponics in a sustainable, responsible farm setting. Devyn also has experience in natural cob building practices and will learn sustainable building techniques with the rest of the team of volunteers and the next phase of our program moves forward.

For more information on this program, please refer to the August 9 broadcast series on, “Hair of the Dog,” detailing this program.

We welcome Devyn to the team and look forward to all that he brings to this vital and worthwhile effort.