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Mary Francis, HR Director

Is it better to be loved or feared? Fortunately for Mary, she will never have to choose. Coming in at just eight pounds, shestrikes fear and reverence into the hearts of everyone. Small and mighty, if you have a problem and need HR, “Take a number”.

Spring is Here!

It’s March! Our two months of bitter cold are slowly moving past us, the water tank is thawing (finally), and the goats have realized the joy of going on walks around the property. After spending two decades in the Chicago suburbs, it’s almost surreal how… Read More »Spring is Here!

The Wind Turbine: Setbacks and Triumph

Summit Leon Ltd welcomes the addition of our new, first wind turbine. Devyn tells the story about how this went up, the trials he faced, and the exhilaration of success.

Introducing the Land

In the perfect world of a homestead blogger, houses build themselves during the length of an article and food is grown during the length of a YouTube video. Rose tinted glasses obscure the amount of frustration, impatience, and forces of nature that push back projects over and over and over again. This journey will capture all of the joys, triumphs and frustrations.

Summit Leon Welcomes Devyn Scott

Summit Leon is proud and delighted to welcome our first new team member, Devyn Scott, to the team. Devyn will be taking on the role of Animal Care Specialist and acting program coordinator for the next phase of our endeavors, a sustainable farm with eco-friendly and low cost building.

Summit Leon Ltd

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A new way of operating Progressivism is a means of operating morally and getting back to basics. This is exactly what our focus entails – meaningful purpose, responsible operations, and an eye toward service within the community.   This is old fashioned way of doing… Read More »Summit Leon Ltd