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Meet the Crew!

Summit Leon couldn’t be possible without our gang of people and critters. Everyone’s got a unique job (even if it’s laying around and napping for our cats)

Butterscotch and Rocky Road

Butters and Rocky are our two resident Nigerian dwarf goats. While they’re perfectly content to lay in the sun and eat treats all day, they also perform landscaping for us by keeping our plants trimmed. In 2023, we’re hoping to have baby goats so our current girls can supply us with goat milk. 

Ducklas, Kevin, and Goldie

Our three newest additions are also multipurpose! Ducks can supply us with eggs, but also great pest control. They don’t eat the vegetables like chickens would, but they’re great at eating any bugs that moved into the garden. Their pond water is also great fertilizer!

Finn and Theo

Finn and Theo are our two awesome dogs, who keep coyotes away from our smaller residents. Being in the mountains, we share land with a pack of coyotes, many hawks, and a bobcat, so having the boys around helps keep things safe for everyone.

The Cats

Mary, Maya, and Ivy all help with keeping our living quarters mice-free. They also sit there and look really, really cute when they fall asleep in a sunbeam. They don’t need to do anything else.