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Our Goals


As we garden, care for livestock, and build our dwellings, our priority is giving back to the land. We're using crop rotation and permaculture principles to ensure that we leave the soil better than we found it. In lieu of pesticides, we're utilizing natural pest control, such as ducks. Our animals, regardless of purpose, are treated with love and respect in order to give back to what they provide us. We are also using solar, wind, and water recapture to reduce our footprint on the Earth.


We aim to provide organic and fresh produce to our community. Our land is in a current food desert, with the nearest general store three miles away, and the nearest store to buy vegetables even farther. We want to eventually produce enough to supply our local food banks with food that might not otherwise be available for our neighbors in the East Mountain area. As well as food, we also offer marketing services to other small farms in the hopes that we can make small farms a larger part of our community.


As we started Summit Leon, we noticed something that almost all homestead blogs had in common. Almost none of them went into how difficult and frustrating it can be to start a farm. From struggles with the permit office to dealing with the aftermath of windstorms, we want to bring accurate information to anyone who may be thinking of starting a homestead. We'll share the good, the bad, and the ugly on what we do here, what worked and what fell apart in a week. We want to make our dream accessible to you.