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At Summit Leon we are supportive of direct action and education programs that unite communities, foster strong leaders, and forward sustainability programs that can be used by anyone.

Guiding principals:

We engage in projects that have a strong moral foundations with leadership that is  focused on positive outcomes with integrity. 

We do not support violation of human rights, unethical practices, discrimination of any kind nor will we partner with any organization engaging in deceptive practices.


Small Business Support

From concept to ribbon-cutting and beyond, we can help provide strategic guidance to help businesses harness the power of the global marketplace and succeed no matter how small their enterprise. We believe in building community through the success of the least and empowering neighbors in positive, achievable ways.

Sustainble Solutions

We provide proof-of-concept analysis of modem solutions and practical guidance within the sustainability space. From affordable building techniques to homesteading solutions, we help decipher what is real, what is hype, and what to avoid by actively living through each test case.